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was perhaps the most prominent of the surviving family. After Heydrich's death, Lina finally won the right to a pension after a number of court cases in 1956 and 1959. Their other children, Heider, Marte and Silke are still alive today (as of June 21st, 2007, the date the original article was published) About Reinhard Klaus* Heydrich -Klaus, nacido en 1933. One remarked about her: “I don’t know anyone who has ever had a good word to say about her.”. Find a Grave, database and images ( accessed ), memorial page for Reinhard Klaus Heydrich (17 Jun 1933–24 Oct 1943), Find a Grave Memorial no. It seems Herr Heydrich offered to acquire finances in the future restoration of the chateau through EU banking assistance. Little Klaus was later buried, interred in grounds of the chateau; his remains may still be there today. The grave of notorious Nazi Gestapo chief Reinhard Heydrich, dubbed 'The Butcher of Prague' and called 'the man with the iron heart' by Adolf Hitler, has been forced open in Berlin . Wolf Hess died in 2011, however some ye,ars later, the remains of the Hess gravesite were removed and secretly cremated, due to a court order. In 1939 Dr. Hans Frank was appointed the Nazi Governor General of Poland or “the king of Poland,” as he foolishly described himself. (Perhaps this was an orchestrated sting by MI5 to bring him to Scotland in 1941, only to be later incarcerated for the rest of his life in prison. I doubt he returned it! People/Characters: Silke Heydrich. Klaus Heydrich was born on June 17 1933, to Reinhard Heydrich and Lina Heydrich. Reinhard Heydrich. (There were later rumours, it seems, of another daughter by his mistress.) In one of 400 letters he drafted from Spandau to his daughter, presumably about the controversial “Final Solution,” he tries to ease her concern of what he knew or didn’t know about that terrible period, when he says: “And just to calm you of the dreadful things, I knew nothing.”. Není od věci zmínit, že se o jeho záchranu pokoušel židovský lékař, který spolu s dalšími vězni sloužil v areálu zámku Heydrichových. But time and other commitments have prevented this. He was implicated in a sex clergy scandal that occurred sometime in the 1960s. Reinhard Tristan Eugen Heydrich (født 7. mars 1904 i Halle, død 4. juni 1942 i Praha) var en offiser i Schutzstaffel (SS) og sjef for Reichs­sich­er­heits­haupt­amt fra opprettelsen i 1939 til sin død. Martin Bormann Jnr. I feel very moved when I think of the way my father took care of me. Klaus Heydrich náraz přežil, nakonec však četným zraněním podlehl ještě na místě nehody. Heydrich se v té době „ohlížel po každé sukni“, a tak si i ona našla milence. Og mens Hitler og Himmler udvælger de primære mål, holder Heydrich selv sig heller ikke tilbage med at underskrive henrettelsesordrer. 205839530, ; Maintained by Erin (contributor 46599159) Burial Details Unknown, who reports a Originally buried at estate in Panenske Brezany (Jungfern-Breschan) before reburial in undisclosed location. People/Characters by cover : Works (1) Titles: Order: Mein Leben mit Reinhard: Die persönliche Biographie by Lina Heydrich — not in English Common Knowledge: ... Klaus Heydrich. Repentance, if it is genuine, should never be regretted or rubbished. His oldest, Peter Thomas Heydrich (1931–2000), was a well-known German cabaret singer, and wrote a book about his childhood, father, and uncle. This interesting theory is related in the book Untouchable of which I have reviewed for the website. He was a good father to me and I have always missed him.”, (Edda Goering seems to have closed the door firmly, concerning her father’s dubious Nazi deeds and instead concentrated on her own life and all that its future can offer her.). So this will have to be a future project. Heydrich's daughter Silke became a model. –) Silke Heydrich (1939. április 9. History reports otherwise. They married in December 1931. “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God” (Rom. In the ensuing years afterwards, Bormann would remain loyal to Hitler, until in the so-called “bunker,” he quietly escaped the advancing Russians forces in 1945. Follow. Silke Heydrich Whois - Xwhos: Biography librar, Reinhard Heydrich - Hitlers blonde bøddel historienet, Lina Heydrich - WikiMili, The Best Wikipedia Reade. Lina Heydrich gave birth to two sons, Klaus, born 17-06-1933, and Heider, born 13-12-1934. In conclusion, the trauma that some of these children suffered, seems to have run deep, but scars are similar to still waters it is claimed; they too run silent and deep. Heider Heydrich, however, has caused controversy, when in 2012, he requested planning permission to restore the country lodge, where his family had once lived during the early years of the last war. Yet in 1942 he still enjoyed Hitler’s trust, by being awarded the distinguished Field Marshalls’ baton. I have my parent’s love and kindness to thank for my wonderful childhood. may also have sired other children who were illegitimate; amazingly it seems with his wife Gerda’s permission, and approval.). Lina Heydrich gave birth to two sons, Klaus (born June 17, 1933) and Heider (born December 23, 1934). Heydrich, pictured above on the left, was assassinated in 1942 by Czech commandos trained by Britain as he drove to Prague. (Used with courtesy of Harry Von Gebhardt). Silke Heydrich (born 9 April 1939) Marte Heydrich (born 23 July 1942) Lina Mathilde Heydrich (née von Osten , later Manninen ; 14 June 1911 - 14 August 1985) was the wife of SS - Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich , a central figure in Nazi Germany Heydrich's daughter Silke became a model. This was posted on a website Board in 2004 Klaus Heydrich was killed in a road accident in October 1943 Almost certainly Yes. Do the genes of our fathers somehow allow the success and shame of our lives to co-exist in each of us, thereby influencing our dreams and later decisions, who knows! An interesting footnote is that when the mother of Wolf and the wife of Rudolph died in 1995, it was the eldest son of Martin Bormann Snr., whodelivered the funeral summation at the cemetery for Frau Hess. These are their lives, not mine. His mother Henrietta Von Schirach-Nee Hoffmann, and incidentally her father was Hitler’s favourite photographer, Heinrich Hoffmann, later divorced her jailed husband in 1949, when he was incarcerated in the Allied Spandau Prison. Hun mente, han ville sikre, at hans død skete på dramatisk vis. Dieter acts as the family historian and he is reported as saying: “My father has had so much dirt thrown at him, and so much that is written about him is false.”. The eldest son of the Heydrich's, Klaus, had been killed in an accident as far back as October 24th, 1943. It had been my original intention to examine the Ribbentrop, Keitel, Donitz, and the Sauckel children and how their lives have progressed over the years. Padla dokonce zmínka o rozvodu. He died in 2013. the German coast. In 1944 Rommel would later take his own life by cyanide poisoning. And even today does not look like abating. Today, only the youngest is still alive, that being author and speaker, Niklas Frank. Ricardo: his profile is more transparent to learn about. Some years ago an exhibition concerning his late father’s achievements was mounted in the city town centre, and apparently, it proved to be very popular with many visitors, some travelling from outside Germany. Lina … In preparing this article, I have two black and white photos of a happy looking child, enjoying with her father, Himmler, at a local circus treat. is from the author’s own private collection). He was murdered a month after this picture was taken.] In the book, Peter Heydrich describes how, as a youth, he enjoyed the fame of being a crown prince, the nephew of Reinhard Heydrich reinhard heydrich heydrich klaus heydrich heider heydrich silke heydrich lina von osten marthe heydrich. 11 notes Klaus Heydrich (17 June 1933 - 24 October 1943; traffic accident) Heider Heydrich (born 23 December 1934) Silke Heydrich (born 9 April 1939) Marte Heydrich (born 23 July 1942, Klaus Heydrich (1933-1943) Heider (född 1934) Silke (född 1939) Marte (född 1942) Residens Panenské Břežany, Prag Yrke Obergruppenführer: Namnteckning Reinhard Heydrich, född den 7 mars 1904 i Halle an der Saale, död den 4 juni 1942 i Prag, var en tysk nationalsocialistisk politiker och säkerhetspolis Rozhovor s vdovou po nacistickém zločinci, Lina Heydrich, int at inn she operates in Todendorf, W Ger, denies husband Reinhard Heydrich was architect of Nazi program which exterminated Jews; deplores revival of era in TV series Holocaust. The eldest Heydrich child was Klaus, who would be tragically killed in an accident outside of the family country estate at Breschan nr. They had four children—Klaus, Heider, Silke, and Marte. Much of his angst seems to be directed at his late father’s memory, and in numerous interviews over the years, he seems to denigrate his late father’s reputation. She is a successful artist in her own right. reinhard heydrich lina heydrich klaus heydrich nazi germany third reich germany deutschland nsdap. In the second picture, she is again with her father but now standing in which rather looks like an internment camp, or it may be Dachau. Yet Hitler certainly admired this diminutive soldier, even sending him a silver framed signed picture as a gift of himself. To date, that book has never been completed for publication. She later claimed she had known nothing about her husband's war crimes, committed while he was head of the Reich Main Security Office. The children featured in the following article would experience much concerning this dilemma and disgrace that was placed upon them at birth, and perhaps, some of that pain still exists, even today, all of these years later. Her son was apparently in a poor state of health and remained with his mother. After Heydrich’s dismissal from the navy, they married at a small church in Grossenbrode on 26-12-1931. Klaus heydrich Heydrich, zlý bůh smrti - Novinky . The other two children of the marriage of Baldour and Henrietta Von Schirach are Angelika, born 1932. 3:23. Ich bin froh dass wir uns kennengelernt haben. She rarely grants interviews, however in 1986, she recalled fondly: “I still feel bound to my parents by a great love. Halálakor felesége állapotos volt, ezért távol maradt minden szertartástól. Yet as Hitler’s willing armaments Minister he prolonged the war by over two years, and all at the expense of forced slave labour. The two wed on 26 December 1931, and had four children. During this period he became a senior figure in the Gestapo and continued to work closely with Heinrich Himmler . Klaus passed away on October 24 1943, at age 10. Interestingly she had been Martin’s “godmother” when he was born. She never married and may have practised the law. Heider Heydrich, son of Reinhard Heydrich. And of the controversial evidence presented by the State Prosecutor, that his father’s skeletal remains found at the bridge in Berlin were genuine, he replied: “But I have never been sure of that. As Frau Gudrun Burwitz-nee Himmler, she remains on the fringe of the present lives of the other now aging Nazi children. The child’s name was Gudrun Himmler (nicknamed “Pupi.”) And apparently, she adored her father because we learn that: “At fourteen the girl was deeply attached to her father. She did however claim in an OSS report that Himmler: “Is trying to save something for Germany.” If this was for his honour or Germany’s remained unclear. Murió en un accidente en 1943 cuando su bicicleta fue arrollada por un autobus que traía devuelta a un equipo de fútbol.- Today, she divides her time between homes in South Africa and Munich, which she shared with her late mother, Emmy until her death in 1973. Horst is a businessman living in Argentina and operating a small transport company. Yet accounts of him since his death reveal a rather frigid man who did not seem to need another’s affection or friendship. Gudrun it seems is impervious to people’s views or opinions about her or her late father’s notoriety, now or then. Padla dokonce zmínka o rozvodu. And history confirms that if this post war evidence had been presented to the Allies in 1945, Albert Speer would and should have rightly been hung, with the others in Nuremberg. Hilde born 1936 is a practicing politician in Germany, specialising in educational matters and promoting “green issues.”, Margaret, born 1938, is a successful photographer and author of Are you Speer’s daughter, these being her recollections of her absent father. See more ideas about wwii, world war ii, world war. Naturally, this caused fierce opposition from many Czechs, with lasting memories of Reinhardt Heydrich and the terrible punishment that was later bestowed upon the little town of Lidice in 1942. Pan Vladimír Mlch, který tehdy v Břežanech opravoval zámeckou zeď, mi naopak řekl, že se s Reinhardem Heydrichem v den atentátu před vchodem do zámku loučila celá rodina. I can't find out how they're doing right now but Heydrich and his wife Lina had four children - Klaus (who died in a 1943 traffic accident), Heider, Silke, Marte. The daughter of a minor German aristocrat who worked as a schoolteacher, she met Reinhard Heydrich in December 1930. V roce 1939 však k synům Klausovi a Heiderovi přibyla dcera Silke, kterou Heydrich od narození zbožňoval, a manželé se k sobě dokázali vrátit In the book, Peter Heydrich describes how, as a youth, he enjoyed the fame of being a “crown prince,” the nephew of Reinhard Heydrich. It seems after his arrest and questioning, the driver was escorted to a concentration camp, never to return. His youngest child and second daughter Marte assisted her mother in running the persion "Imbria Parva" and Heider Heydrich is a director of the German aviation firm Dornier. Today he is a distinguished professor of archaeology, based in Berlin. Prague in 1943; little Klaus was just 10 years old. They are Helge and Nanette. Whois Silke Heydrich, Reinhard Heydrich's daughter,date of birth April 9,1939,age 81,sign of the zodiac Aries He even doubted his father’s religious conversation shortly before he was finally hanged at Nuremberg in 1946. V říjnu 1943, sedmnáct měsíců po atentátu na jeho otce, srazilo tehdy desetiletého Klause Heydricha nákladní auto. From left to right Silke, Heider and Klaus. The eldest Heydrich child was Klaus, who would be tragically killed in an accident outside of the family country estate at Breschan nr. Please tell me everything you know about Klaus Heydrich Post by AK1940 » 20 Feb 2016, 21:35 So for the last month or so I’ve been very interested in Klaus Heydrich, Reinhard Heydrich’s eldest son who died in 1943, just after his father was assassinated. Lina Heydrich gave birth to three children over the next few years: Klaus (17th June, 1933), Heider (23rd December, 1934) and Silke (9th April, 1939). The other three were born in Europe. One theory has it that it was a returning football team who swerved to avoid little Klaus. Hess had one son by his wife Ilse, the boy was named Rudigar “Buz” Hess, born in 1937. For the last few years, she has been the proprietor of a popular ladies boutique, situated on the tiny island of Fehmarn nr. A man who seemed to show little or no emotion. Eventually they married for the purpose of changing her last name. 1943. Perhaps she was able to furnish her captors at the 7th U.S. Army Interrogation centre with fresh information about Himmler and some of his secrets in the final days of the war. Ve středočeských Panenských Břežanech je dodnes pochovaný prvorozený syn nacistického říšského protektora Reinharda Heydricha. Helpers realSandy (1) Marte Heydrich was born posthumously in July 1942, two months after her father’s death. Protector of Bohemia and Moravia. (Incidentally, when the Berlin Wall was demolished in 1989, his sister, Marte journeyed to Czechoslovakia, in a hopeful attempt to try to locate her elder brother’s forgotten grave, but the exercise proved fruitless, so much of the terrain had changed since his burial.). After the war, Wolf Hess would author three books concerning his father and the treatment that he received from the Allies, whilst in Spandau Prison. He was born in 1930 and was a former Catholic priest. Historici si původně mysleli, že matka jeho ostatky ještě za války odvezla pryč. Adolf Eichmann was the former precise note keeper of the 1942 “Wannsee Conference,” that dwelt with the frightening “Final Solution,” which Himmler had prepared and sanctioned. Hedwig Potthast died in 1997. Lina Heydrich. I have good memories of him. –) Reinhard Heydrich 1942-ben merénylet áldozata lett. I can’t find out how they’re doing right now but Heydrich and his wife Lina had four children - Klaus (who died in a 1943 traffic accident), Heider, Silke, Marte. She cut out every picture of him from the newspapers and glued them into a large scrapbook.” That devotion although misplaced has remained with her ever since. Her daughter trained and later practiced as a doctor. Han ble også kjent som «den blonde Moses», «slakteren fra Praha», «det blonde udyret» og «der Henker» (Henker er tysk for en bøddel som henretter ved hengning) After Heydrich's dismissal from the navy, they married at a small church in Grossenbrode on 26-12-1931. Wolf Hess openly maintained until his death that selected SAS agents, working on orders from the British Thatcher Government, murdered his late father, weeks before his rumoured release from prison. After serious strain on the marriage that nearly resulted in divorce, the reconciled Heydrich couple had another child, a daughter named Silke (born April 9, 1939). Now aged 83 years old she has over the last decade involved herself in far right organizations, and is happy to receive the audiences’ applause, at the mention of her late father’s name at these annual events. Heydrich se v té době ohlížel po každé sukni, a tak si i ona našla milence. Incidentally, Gudrun has two half siblings from her father’s relationship with his secretary, Hedwick Potthast. And of the frequent media attention, the children seem to attract he muses: “You should know that we Nazi children are completely uninteresting.” Yet the public appetite does not seem to have abated in the strange thirteen years of the Nazi carousel that destroyed millions of lives and aspirations of so many people. Bormann was quickly appointed Hitler’s personal secretary soon after the mysterious Rudolph Hess flight to Scotland in 1941. Lina Mathilde Heydrich was the wife of SS-Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich, a central figure in Nazi Germany. His son Manfred was born in 1928 and was the former Mayor of Stuttgart. Both Gerda and her youngest son, Volker, died in 1946. She resides in Munich and of course, she continues to strive to have her father’s name reinstated with honour in post war German history. By the late 1930’s, the duties of Reinhard Heydrich led him to work long hours and often be away from home. I believe that the last three kids are still alive I chose the.. Heydrich, pictured above on the left, was assassinated in 1942 by Czech commandos trained by Britain as he drove to Prague. Today his son Klaus believes that the youth of Hitler’s Germany “were betrayed, just as my father was.” Yet he still keeps in contact with aging members of the Youth Corp. Perhaps it’s a tentative link to his father who served 20 years in Spandau Prison for war crimes before being released in 1966 into the custody of his three sons. (Martin Bormann Snr. Hans Frank and his wife Brigitte had five children. She was born in 1913 and would remain close to the Rommel family until her death in 2000. Heydrich" on Pinterest. GERMANY - CIRCA 1940: Reinhard Heydrich with his spouse and their three children. According to Katrin Himmler’s book The Himmler brothers, Heinrich Himmler’s common law wife, Hedwig Potthast, did marry soon after the war but her husband died soon afterwards. Robert Von Schrich born 1938 was the third child of the marriage, but was killed in the early 1970s in a car accident. In a 1959 interview she claimed over the next few years, she would author a manuscript concerning her father. His youngest child and second daughter Marte assisted her mother in running the persion Imbria Parva and Heider Heydrich is a director of the German aviation firm Dornier. Heinz Heydrich had five children. – 1943. október 24.) Birthplace: Halle an der Saale, Germany Location of death: Prague, Bohemia Cause of death. Today many of the important questions raised by Wolf Hess concerning his father’s final hours in prison, remain unanswered, and perhaps always will. His oldest, Peter Thomas Heydrich (1931-2000), was a well-known German cabaret singer, and wrote a book about his childhood, father, and uncle. Lina Heydrich udtalte senere, at hun troede, hendes mand ventede at dø ung og derfor ofte tog store chancer, som da han var i Luftwaffe. Silke Heydrich at one time trained as an opera singer and was employed as a model, later relocating to America, although there are reports of her home being in South Africa also. AKA Reinhard Tristan Eugen Heydrich. [Below: Reinhard and his eldest son Klaus] [Below: Reinhard and Silke] [Below: Reinhard and Silke] [Below: Reinhard and Silke] [Below: Lina and Reinhard attend a concert at the Wallenstein Palace in Prague, May 1942. Klaus: information on his profession is scant and he may well be a retired operative in the medical profession. Klaus Von Schirach is the second son of the ‘Hitler Jugend’ Commander, Baldour Von Schirach. Yet the final word on the Speer children must be awarded to his daughter Hilde, and it concerns the family’s sad relationship with their father during and after his prison release, she recalls that: “One by one my sister and brothers gave up communicating with him.” Their grief somehow is still witnessed to this day and yet I suspect the late Albert Speer had neither the time or inclination to somehow rectify this family tragedy that I feel was all of his own doing. Unfollow. His oldest, Peter Thomas Heydrich (1931–2003), was a well-known German cabaret singer, and wrote a book about his childhood, father, and uncle. She had previously requested some years ago for a return of paintings and other artefacts, this too was denied by the court. Heydrich byder sig straks til: Fra sin samling på efterhånden flere tusinde kartotekskort udarbejder han lynhurtigt en liste over de SA-ledere, som det vil være mest fordelagtigt at likvidere. Reinhard Heydrich wife Lina and their son Klaus Heydrich - München, 1934. herta88 . Albert Speer Jnr. He later died in 1974. ), (She seems very at ease with the photographer but her father has a sly half smile on his face as he glances at the staff photographer, perhaps he was caught slightly unaware of the camera protruding on to this family event). Edda “Sunshine” Goering arrived in 1938 and on that day of her announced arrival, the bells of Hitler’s Germany rang out in joyous unison, why it was almost a public holiday, and quickly souvenir postcards were designed and sold in shops, stations, and art galleries. This must have been difficult in how his own six children were able to relate to him before and after his own prison release. He was born in Argentina and was supposedly named after a Catholic priest, who assisted Eichmann in his getaway from war torn Europe, then organised by the controversial Vatican “Rat Run.” So much of this escape route is still clouded in secrecy. Reinhard Heydrich var iskald: Han underskrev henrettelsesordrer uten å blunke, lot sine partikamerater blø i hjel på gulvet, og i 1942 iverksatte han sitt lenge planlagte mesterverk: utryddelsen av Europas jøder [Below: Lina and Reinhard Heydrich at their wedding in December 1931] [Below: Lina and Reinhard's names with runes above their front door] [Below: Reinhard and his eldest son Klaus, Klaus Heydrich (17. juni 1933 - 24. oktober 1943; trafikkulykke) Heider Heydrich (født 23. desember 1934) Silke Heydrich (født 9. april 1939) Marte Heydrich (født 23. juli 1942) Lina Mathilde Heydrich (née von Osten, senere Manninen; 14. juni 1911 - 14. august 1985). Sammen fik de sønnerne Klaus og Heider og døtrene Silke (f. 9. april 1939) og Marte, født natten til den 23. juli 1942, efter sin fars død. Reinhard Heydrich (named “the Butcher of Prague”) fathered three children by his wife, Lina, all born in Berlin. In 1965 she met Finnish theatre director Mauno Manninen while she was on a holiday trip to Finland. Almost certainly Yes. I understand also that both her mother and stepfather are interred there as well. (There is some doubt in that he survived the war and later died in South America. 2. [ 4 ] The government had initially declined to pay the pension due to Heydrich's role in the Holocaust. In the book, Peter Heydrich describes how, as a youth, he enjoyed the fame of being a "crown prince," the nephew of Reinhard Heydrich. Lina Heydrich (born Lina Mathilde von Osten; June 14, 1911 – August 14, 1985) was the wife of assassinated SS-Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich, a central figure in Nazi Germany. I cannot help suspecting that he must have been seriously aware of the notorious “Einsatzgruppen” death units that murdered thousands on the eastern front, and because of this knowledge, he certainly would have been tried at Nuremberg, alongside his fellow officers’ Keitel and Jodal. The Heydrich couple had four children, Silke, born in 09-04-1939, ; , Marte Heydrich who was born after her father's death on 24-10-1943, Klaus who died in an accident and Heider. This photograph is of Albert Speer and his children, seated in an open BMW convertible car, and perhaps taken during the war in 1943. Lina Heydrich gave birth to two sons, Klaus, born 17-06-1933, and Heider, born 13-12-1934. Dec 19, 2018 - Explore Pat Oldcrofty TommysGirl's board "Reinhard. Reports are conflicting on who or what caused this unexplained accident. Heinz Heydrich had five children. She also married and raised a family. Their evidence was unconvincing.” And I think I have to agree with him in this matter. ... Můj bratr Klaus … A Munich court has refused Edda Goering a request for previous money that was seized by the German Government in 1948 to be returned to her. 91 notes Reblog. Prague in 1943; little Klaus was just 10 years old. I suspect that Wolf’s body was amongst those along with his parents that were disturbed. This period can be found in an article about Hess in our infamous section on the website.). (A fortuitous year in more ways than one I might add.). Common Knowledge People/Characters Silke Heydrich. Responsibility Laid to Heydrich. These were Sigrid, Norman, Brigitte, Michael, and Niklas. He also eagerly typed up Hitler’s notes for Mein Kampf and acted as his secretary. On a personal issue, his buying/or stealing of Jewish paintings at knock down prices and of storing them secretly in the bank vaults to be reclaimed, then sold privately after his release from prison, earned him a neat profit, and all of this as well as disposing privately to other buyers his collection of original sketches by Hitler of the future “Germania.”. (She did indeed visit the camp with her father, who explained the different herbs seen in a cultivated herb garden, presumably maintained by the prisoners for the camp staff. The legislature had initially declined to pay the benefits because of Heydrich's function in the Holocaust Heinz Heydrich had five children. Klaus Von Schrich born in 1935 practiced as a Munich lawyer (although he may be retired by now and acts in a consultancy manner). “Buz” had the dubious honour of having Hitler act as his “godfather.” He was only four years old when his father flew to England in mysterious circumstances. Miss Goering aged 76 still lives in Munich, and only has happy memories of her infamous father, who to her will always be a “loving man.” It is not clear if she will appeal the courts decision. Klaus Heydrich (1933. június 17. Klaus Heydrich was born on June 17 1933, to Reinhard Heydrich and Lina Heydrich. She also seemed to have some connection with the OSS/CIA in those post war days in Germany. Gudrun has never accepted the official reason for her father’s suicide in Lunenburg in 1945, for she said the following of this: “I don’t believe he swallowed that poison capsule.” And of the death picture of her father on the floor of the guardsroom, she suggests: “To me, it’s a retouched photo from when he was alive.” So sadly it seems even today she is still in denial concerning her father’s fate. Heider Heydrich • foto: ... vzpomíná, že 27. května 1942 viděla, jak se váš otec loučí s vaší matkou a Silke. Yet I can’t help suspecting that the resilient Von Schirach boys have moved on in their lives. Silke heydrich klaus heydrich. Klaus had 3 siblings: Silke Heydrich , Marte Heydrich and Heider Heydrich . born 1934 has followed in his father’s architectural footsteps, with sections of the Beijing Olympics being completed by his own firm. Speer is naturally at the driving wheel. Their mother may have perhaps re-married soon after the war. –) Marte Heydrich (1942. július 23. As regards the featured children/adults in this article if they should so wish to contact me as regards any mistakes or errors I have made I will gladly correct them. Other members of the Speer sorority have achieved success in the fields of finance, telecommunications, and medicine. Heider Heydrich. “It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.”, My father’s keeper, Stephan and Norbert Lebert. Rudolph Hess was Hitler’s constant companion in and out of prison. About Reinhard Klaus* Heydrich -Klaus, nacido en 1933. She argues that the money is the family’s property and should be returned herewith.

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