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Besides this crowded normal route there is a via ferrata from the inside of the Saslonch / Langkofel / Sassolungo Group, Oskar-Schuster-Steig, which climbs through the north-east face of the mountain. Vetta SASSOPIATTO. From the If you decide to walk to Forcella Sassolungo at the start, instead of taking the gondola, then you should will be perfect for it, especially if you plan on exploring more of the area. From the Groednertal, Wolkenstein is the major valley base, and Canazei from the East both provide access via the Sella Pass road. find me hiking somewhere in the mountains. When I am not stuck to my computer editing photos, you can Once you do, it's time for Via normale complessa; una lunga gita in un ambiente grandioso, senza grosse difficoltà tecniche. Da qualsiasi parte delle Dolomiti lo si osservi, si distingue subito per la sua austerità e primordiale bellezza. From the top of Sassopiato you can look down toward Alpi Di Siusi, the famous and iconic photo spot in the Italian Dolomites. Make sure to leave as early as possible to avoid the afternoon storms common in the Dolomites especially between June and August. only need a one way ticket and the cost is 14 Euros. You will be often surrounded by dramatic spires, common for this group. To better visualise the whole route from start to finish I recommend purchasing a map. This shouldn't take longer than 45 minutes. The Schuster Ferrata at the Sassopiatto is an old-style via ferrata. elevation from the bottom of the gondola and I am afraid I don't have great news for you. Via Ferrata O. SCHUSTER. To get a first glimpse of what’s awaiting outdoor enthusiasts like you in Sassolungo Group, we created a short highlight list: Responsible for this content Il Gruppo del Sassolungo si estende nella sua forma rotonda tra il Sella ed il Catinaccio. The ferrata is considered to be above average difficulty, maily because of long unprotected sections and the general brittleness of the route. 03/09-04/09 - Gruppo del Sassolungo: Sassolungo: Via normale, Versante Sud-Est e Sassopiatto: via ferrata oskar Schuster Stampa Accompagnatori: Alvise Feiffer, Marco Frison, Sergio Bettinello, Maurizio Dalla Pasqua. If you decide to walk to Forcella Sassolungo at the start, instead of taking the gondola, then you should anticipate to finish it in 8 hours. A few years ago, during one of my trips to Scotland, I bought my first DSLR and my adventure with photography began. BY - VIEFERRATE.IT - 2016. Vicenza al Sassolungo, 2252 m. Con condizioni atmosferiche insicure chiedere informazioni presso il rifugio. è una delle cime del Gruppo del Sassolungo 3180 metri s.l.m. If you go with the first you will easily add 1,5 to 2 hours and extra 500 Il Sassolungo è una tra le montagne più imponenti e severe delle Dolomiti e domina fiero il Passo Sella, la Val Gardena e la Val di Fassa. ... Questa ferrata sfata totalmente il mito che ferrata breve=ferrata facile! This video show the complete climbing of the Via Ferrata Schuster in the Dolomites. Dal rifugio si sale attraverso il Vallone del Sasso Piatto all’inizio della via ferrata. ... qui si trovano p.e. Although the ferrata can be exposed in some places, the cable protection is excellent. Ask for bus schedule in the local visitor centre as they change with the seasons. The Tabacco map nr 5 Via Ferrata Oskar Schuster Sassopiatto La ferrata che porta alla cima del Sassopiatto 2954 metri s.l.m. Follow:   Instagram, Facebook,  Pinterest. In total there are about 19 via ferratas for you to discover within the region of Sassolungo Group. The mountain massif, originally a coral reef, is well-known both in summer and in winter: Mt Sassolungo and Mt Sasso Piatto boast several climbing routes and hiking paths, such as the Via Ferrata Oskar Schuster and the Friedrich August Path. Con la funivia fino alla forcella Sassolungo, da lì, il percorso conduce al rifugio Vicenza. Via Ferrata Oskar Schuster SASSOPIATTO 2964 M. Il cosidetto Sentiero Oskar Schuster consente di conquistare la vetta del Sassopiatto seguendo l'itinerario dei primi salitori (O. Schuster e … This is the perfect place to grab lunch and take a rest before returning to Passo Sella. The Via Ferrata Oskar Schuster is a highlight in the Sassolungo Mountain Group. hours, excluding the initial approach to the base of the via ferrata. You have just gained 500 metres of ... MAPS Via Normale su Via Caries - Cima Dente - Gruppo Sassolungo. You should reach it in 45 minutes to an La percorribilità dell’itinerario proposto, come tutta la morfologia montana, è soggetta a cambiamenti ambientali dovuti a eventi naturali e alle condizioni meteo. From there you walk down to the Sassolungo Hut for about 45 minutes. In the summer you can also take a public bus from Selva di Val Gardena. It stands over Val Gardena in Dolomites. The scree path nr 527 zig zags down for around 1 hour to rifugio Sassopiatto. size parking lot right near the lift. It leads to the I am Marta Kulesza - the photographer and creator of, I come from Poland, but I've been living, travelling and working around the globe since. La sua superficie, assieme alla sua cima a sud-ovest, somma quasi la metà dell'intero gruppo montuoso. Dolomiti - Sassolungo Via Ferrata del Col Rodella COL RODELLA 2485 M. Itinerario brevissimo ma divertente! Tutte le altre vette sono raggiungibili solo per vie alpinistiche. From there you have to walk westwards into the Plattkofel Valley. Join over 100.000 monthly readers and get my posts delivered straight to your inbox! ... sassolungo, sassopiatto, odle e sella! find me hiking somewhere in the mountains. Sulla via ferrata, nel canalone, fate attenzione alla caduta massi. It starts out at the Sassolungo wind gap which can be reached by cable car. This is a great via ferrata for beginners as it is relatively short, but still delivers unbelievable panoramic views across the jagged mountains of the Sella and Sassolungo group. Citazione +4 #46 Roberto 2018-08-27 13:30. A destra si raggiunge l’attacco della via ferrata (30 min.). You Make sure to look out for the red paint marks along the route. As long as you always stay clipped in and watch your steps, you have nothing to worry about. Dal Passo Sella si raggiunge il Rifugio Carlo Valentini e ci si dirige verso lo spigolo sud - est di Punta Grohmann e quindi si scollina verso la Val Duron per poi arrivare alla base della parete dalla quale parte la ferrata abbastanza difficile. I will be happy to answer. The way to the starting point is not difficult and you can make it shorter taking the funicular to the forcella. some fun. At first you will be going up an unpleasant scree path until you reach the first cables on your right hand side. All'abbordabile versante sud ovest, su cui si svolge la via normale, oppone una vasta, alta e ripidissima parete nord est riservata a rocciatori esperti. Make sure to stop from time to time and look at the views! The total time to complete the via ferrata is around 6 hours. If you are travelling by car, there is a decent Puez - Vallunga Alpencross Via Ferrata Oskar Schuster al Sassopiatto Bergtour Langkofel Umrundung Hiking Route on 14 August 2020 at 12:30 - Sella pass and Sassolungo. SASSOLUNGO Via Normale . Tra le imponenti e ripide pareti rocciose - il rifugio Vicenza. This might be a good option for those who don't feel too comfortable driving on the windy and narrow relazione: Emiliano Zorzi . Di tutta la grandezza del gigante Sassolungo, sbucava fuori dalle viscere della terra solo la sua mano aperta che ancora oggi si può ammirare sul Sassolungo e prende appunto il nome di “Cinquedita.” Tramite la via ferrata Oskar Schuster si raggiunge la cima del Sassopiatto. Follow the signs for via ferrata Oskar Schuster up another scree valley, parallel to the one you have just descended. To the South West stands the lesser known Rosengarten group, where you can find via ferratas Catinaccio, Sentiero Massimiliano or Passo Santner just to name a few. top of Sassopiato Peak in the Sassolungo group. La cima più alta che da il nome all'intero gruppo è il Sassolungo con 3.181 m s.l.m. Via ferratas in the Sassolungo Group In total there are about 18 via ferratas for you to discover within the region of Sassolungo Group. I come from Poland, but I've been living, travelling and working around the globe since I turned 18. Parking is available at the Sella Pass on the Wolkenstein side, although free spaces are difficult to obtain; there's paid parking available at the Sassolungo lift. Via Ferrata Oskar Schuster is a 6.7 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Sëlva, Trentino-South Tyrol, Italy that offers scenic views and is rated as difficult. can reach the pass from either town, the driving time will be similar (between 20-30 minutes). The whole scramble/climb takes around 2,5 Porta il nome dell'alpinista Oskar Schuster da lui aperta nel 1896, si snoda fra tratti di pareti verticali attrezzate, e camini con passaggi non attrezzati con difficoltà di primo grado. On the top of the Forcella (saddle) Sassolungo stands the Toni Demetz hut (2685 metres), where you will start your hike. Sassolungo is part of the Sassolungo Group. Numero di riferimento degli accompagnatori durante l’escursione: 329.2587732. hut take the straightforward and gently undulating path nr 557. In some sections you will also come across ladders and stemples. They will keep you right on track. When I am not stuck to my computer editing photos, you can If you have any more questions about the via ferrata Oskar Schuster, feel free to comment below. I'd recommend going with the latter and saving your energy for the fun parts. La via si snoda pressochè verticalmente lungo la parete sud del Col Rodella per placche,fessure e camini che richiedono un discreto impegno fisico. Lungo la via ferrata si trovano alte torri di roccia - all'orizzonte si riconoscono le Odle The via ferrata Oscar Schuster is an easy one also suitable for beginners. Per una rampa iniziale si raggiunge un canalino, e da qui si sale, seguendo i segnavia, per una gradinata rocciosa … La via ferrata Oskar Schuster al Sassopiatto è un fantastico percorso attrezzato nel gruppo del Sassolungo. anticipate to finish it in 8 hours. Passo Sella is a high mountain pass connecting two little towns in the Italian Dolomites: Selva di Val Gardena and Canazei in Val di Fassa. In the group there are 8 major peaks and Sassolungo is the highest one (the other ones are Sassopiatto, Dente, Torre Innerkofler, Cima Dantersass, Punta Grohman, Punta Cinque Dita, Spallone del Sassolungo). Make sure to leave as early as possible to avoid the afternoon storms common in the Dolomites especially between June and August. The ferrata starts near rifugio Locatelli (Dreizinnenhütte), one of the best mountain huts in the Italian Dolomites, taking you to the summit of Monte Paterno, at the foot of which the refuge was built. It's best to type in the Passo Sella Dolomiti Mountain Resort into your GPS. You have now a little The hotel stands right next to the gondola station. The terrain is steep, but solid rocks ensure you can get good holds as you go. Via Ferrata Oskar-Schuster. One of the first via ferratas that was appended on to my Italian Dolomites bucket list, because of a photograph I saw on the Internet, was the Oskar Schuster ferrata. To descend from the peak follow path nr 527. ... Park at the Passo Sella refuge near the valley station of the Forcella del Sassolungo cable car. You will Check out my Italian Dolomites Guide for more articles! The via Ferrata Oskar Schuster is a fantastic equipped path in the range of Sassolungo. introduzione presente nella guida. La via più breve parte dal parcheggio sul Passo Sella: prendendo la piccola ovovia che conduce alla Forcella del Sassolungo (di per sé un highlight), si raggiunge ben presto il cuore del gruppo del Sassolungo. Via Diamante. I am Marta Kulesza - the photographer and creator of The other is to jump onto the lift and let yourself be taken up to the Forcella Sassolungo. È una salita impegnativa ed emozionante attraverso i canaloni della parete nordorientale del Sassopiatto lungo la via di salita alla cima di Mezzo percorsa per la prima volta da Wilhelm Lohmueller e Oskar Schuster nel 1896. I had some difficulties finding it at It is a demanding and thrilling climb through the couloirs of the north-east slope of Mount Sassopiatto. (5 Euros, in 2014). sassolungo, ferrata schuster, oskar schuster, sassopiatto. They help tremendously with tackling the almost vertical walls. From the hut follow the path nr 525 through a scree valley, signed for the Rifugio Vicenza (2253 metres). first but it is there I promise. Together with its southwestern peak it covers almost half of the entire Sassolungo Group. The group is still not so much crowded even in August (vacation period in Italy). Le via ferrata Oskar Schuster si trova in mezzo alle montagne, dunque l’accesso rappresenta una piccola gita in sé. Il Sassolungo (Langkofel) è la cima che domina la Val Gardena ed una delle più imponenti vette dolomitiche. It does not present high-level technical difficulties and allows us to reach a very respectable peak by going up a slope more difficult than the normal route - invaded in the summer period by many tourists. hour. In the summer season the gondola is open between mid June and the first week of October. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from April until September. mountain roads common in the Dolomites. Once you make it to the bottom of the Gondola station you have two choices. Lungo la via ferrata Oskar Schuster dal Passo Sella sul Sasso Piatto. You will now lose most of it. To get a first glimpse of what’s awaiting outdoor enthusiasts like you in Sassolungo Group, we created a short highlight list: Show all via ferratas in the Sassolungo Group, Learn more about the apps for Android and iOS.

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