titan ii icbm

Engines: First stage - Aerojet LR87-AJ-5 two chamber liquid propellant rocket of 430,000 lbs. On these missiles, the nuclear warhead was removed and a new fairing was adapted that could carry a satellite into orbit, or in one case, the Clementine, an unmanned space probe to the moon. The two main targets were the Sharapovo and Chekhov Deep Underground Command … The squadron was inactivated as part of the phaseout of the Titan II … The Titan II on display is the last variant of the Titan II family, the Space Launch Vehicle (SLV). This website is for ex-Titan II Nuclear Missile service members to look at related documents pertaining to their possible exposure to Titan II Missile fuels: Inhibited Red Fuming Nitric Acid (N2O4) and Aerozine 50 which is Unsymmetrical Dimethylhydrazine (UDMH) and … The Air Force had approved the development of the Titan II ICBM in October 1959. Launch Complex 373-9 is unique in Arkansas in that its control … HEALTH AND WELLNESS OF THE TITAN II ICBM VETERAN. 1564 Ex-Titan Missileers. The W-53 warhead and the Mk.6 Re-entry vehicle were earth-penetrating weapons, specifically designed to take out deep underground bunkers. PERFORMANCE (ICBM … By 28 March 1961, the missile force included six Titan I and six Titan II … Crew: None. Titan II was originally designed and used as an ICBM, but was later adapted as a medium-lift space launch vehicle to carry … Second stage of ICBM configuration was powered by Aerojet-General LR91-AJ-5 rocket engine of 100,000 lbs. The Titan II Missile program was a Cold War weapons system featuring fifty-four launch complexes in three states. If you were connected with the Titan II ICBM program and wish to be added to this list, or need to update your info, click HERE Following the Soviet Union’s detonation of its first thermonuclear bomb in 1953, the United States began actively developing an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). The list is large and may take several minutes or more to load and display. Thrust. I had read about Arkansas' Titan II ICBM silos following the 1980 accident at a launch complex near Damascus, Arkansas, where an explosion blew the 740-ton blast door off the top of the underground complex, ejected the rocket's second stage and threw the nuclear warhead 600 feet against the outer fence. The Titan II Handbook was written especially for those with an interest in missiles, military hardware, the Cold War, or nuclear weapons, and includes detailed photos and descriptions of every corner and level of the last remaining Titan II launch complex. The squadron was equipped with the LGM-25C Titan II Intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), with a mission of nuclear deterrence. The complex was placed on alert on November 15, 1963, and remained active for more than twenty-two years, with its final alert ending on February 6, 1986. Some email addresses may no longer be valid. Titan II ICBM Launch Complex 373-4 near Searcy (White County) was the site of an accident on August 9, 1965, in which fifty-three workers were killed—the largest loss of life ever suffered in a U.S. nuclear weapons facility.. Titan II ICBM Launch Complex 373-4 was one of eighteen Arkansas launch complexes operated by the … Eighteen were in … It was last assigned to the 308th Strategic Missile Wing, stationed at Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas.. thrust fueled by Aerozine-50 (fuel) that ignites on contact with nitrogen tetroxide (oxidizer). A Civilian's Guide to the Most Powerful ICBM America Ever Built. The Titan II, like the Titan I, had an effective range of ~approximately 5,500 nautical miles. The 374th Strategic Missile Squadron is an inactive United States Air Force unit. Titan 23G launch vehicle (5 September 1988) The Titan II was an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) and space launcher developed by the Glenn L. Martin Company from the earlier Titan I missile. The Titan II ICBM Launch Complex 373-9 Site is located at 23 Missile Base Road north of Vilonia.

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