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This was initially based at Grottaglie, then at Capodichino and finally at La Spezia, as air defence for naval bases. Sports Team. Pagina ufficiale Reggina 1914 Mining Brochure. [13], Reggiane rapidly set about marketing the Re.2000 towards various interested countries, many of which had been incentivised towards such purchases as a consequence of the breaking out of the Second World War. The Re 2000 was developed by a team headed by aircraft designers Roberto Longhi and Antonio Alessio to be a lightly-built and highly maneuverable … During the run up to and following the outbreak of the Second World War, the aircraft was ordered by several nations, including the Hungarian, Swedish, British and Italian governments. Detailed. The pilots appreciated the type, which performed well under harsh conditions and was the fastest aircraft then in operation with the service. After a pilot flying above asked Horthy to increase height, he pulled up rapidly, stalled and crashed. However, the Re.2000 was considered to be not as rugged as its Macchi-built contemporaries; specifically, its fuel tanks were considered to be vulnerable, which were not of the self-sealing variety then becoming popular in military service. They were organized into the Sezione Sperimentale Reggiane inside the 74a Squadriglia in Sicily. Consequently, the manufacturer built the type for export and almost all of the first production served with the Swedish Air Force and Hungarian Air Force, rather than in the Regia Aeronautica. Enthusiastic, the company decided to proceed with the production of the original batch of 188 fighters that had been cancelled as a private venture so that immediate delivery could be offered to foreign customers. [4], During 1938, work commenced at Reggiane on a new fighter design; the company's design team, which was headed by Roberto Longhi and Antonio Alessio, set about designing an aircraft that would be offered to the Air Ministry that would not only meet but exceed the requirements of Programme R.[4][2] Having very little time, the company considered various options, including the potential for manufacturing an American-developed fighter aircraft under license, however, under the influence of aeronautical engineer Giovanni Battista Caproni, a completely new design was rapidly prepared. Adriano La Regina (geboren am 6.August 1937 in Neapel) ist ein italienischer Klassischer Archäologe und Etruskologe.. Leben und Wirken. Not Now. Reggina 1914, Reggio Calabria. 1,195 people like this. Iodice e di tutti coloro che a qualsiasi titolo hanno utilizzato, o diffuso, un colloquio telefonico abusivamente registrato". [17] The last Re.2000 was sent back to the factory in September 1942. [3] There was the usual Italian armament (two 0.50 caliber Breda machine-guns with 300 rounds each), and some provisions for external loads (tanks or bombs), apparently never utilized. [6] Following the completion of armament trials at Furbara, Santa Marinella, in August 1939, the prototype was delivered to the Experimental Establishment of the Regia Aeronautica to commence its formal evaluation. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. Log In. April 2000 hielt Papst Johannes Paul II. REGGINA: Taibi, Oshadogan, Stovini, Giacchetta (51' Possanzini), Cirillo, ... La Lazio ha così vinto lo Scudetto dell'anno 2000 e Roma si colora di biancoceleste. [10] The type met with a level of success, with several countries being keen to place orders for the type. Es folgte ein geisteswissenschaftliches Studium an der Universität La Sapienza in Rom, das er 1962 mit der Laurea … The last one survived and it is still extant, being the only Re.2000 remaining in Italy (another is in Sweden). [6], In addition to the stressed-skin construction, Reggiane introduced several advanced features on the Re.2000, such as a modern structure, which was considerably more advanced than the ones used in Macchi's and other Italian fighters of the time, along with an elliptical wing profile. [11], The aircraft was furnished with an elliptical wing, the internal structure of which comprised a multi-cell configuration using a total of five spars, stress-skin covering, and integral fuel tanks within the center section. The first launch was performed on 9 May 1942 with test pilot Giulio Reiner. The German government issued its approval of the sale in March of the same year, but withdrew its approval during the following month. That day, near the village of Davidovka, 16 Ilyushin Il-2s and a similar number of LaGG-3S[33] were intercepted by four Reggianes. General catalogue 2000 series ( 65 ÷ 1700 ) General catalogue PLUS series ( 2500 ÷ 55000 ) Slewing gearboxes technical data. [14] In light of this, the Italian and British governments then decided to complete the contract through the Italian Caproni’s Portuguese subsidiary as to side-step Germany's objection; however, the British order was cancelled as a consequence of Italy's entry into the Second World War on 10 June 1940.[15][16]. The Re.2000GA was never considered to be highly reliable, even by Re.2000 standards, especially due to its troublesome engine. Six Re.2000 Cat.s were still available at the time of the Armistice and four were in service aboard the battleships Italia (Littorio before the fall of Mussolini), Roma and Vittorio Veneto (the normal load was only one, the battleship had up to three aircraft, but smaller than the Re.2000). 377a was based in Sicily, and fought in Malta and Pantelleria, mainly in an escort role and protecting Axis ships almost until Tunisia (with a range up to 300–350 km), well beyond the other RA single seat-fighters; sometimes it was used to attack Malta with bomblets (spezzoni) and machine guns, typically at dawn. "Re.2000 Catapultabile. By adopting the Re.2000GA, Italy would be able send reinforcements to the units of the Regia Aeronautica far easier, unlike a batch of 51 C.R.42s that had to be disassembled and air-transported by the large Savoia-Marchetti SM.82s instead. 2000 Series You're in: The range » 2000 Series. [19], The Swedish purchases of various types of Italian warplanes in 1939–41 were made as an emergency measure resulting from the outbreak of the war, as no other nations were willing to supply aircraft to this small neutral country whose domestic production did not become sufficient until 1943. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Forgot account? All seven parts are organized in a self-directed learning mode and follow a different structure.Please work step by step (from left to right) on each part. Reggina Calcio made its Serie A debut in the 1999-00 season, ending the season in twelfth place for the southernmost team in the league at the time. Image 02. The Re.2000 Cat. Community See All. Reggina 1914 - Ergebnisse 2020/2021: hier findest Du alle Termine und Ergebnisse zu diesem Team. "Ho dato mandato ai miei legali di tutelare la mia persona e la mia posizione istituzionale in sede giudiziaria - sia penale che civile - intendendo cosi reagire ad una manovra subdola ed accertare la responsabilita' del sig. The emergent design, which had been designated as the Re 2000 Falco I, was equipped with a Curtiss-Wright-style retractable undercarriage, bore substantial similarities to the American-built Seversky P-35. [28], The Hungarians Re.2000s had their most successful day on 9 August 1942. [6], The Re.2000 had no fuel tanks contained within the fuselage; nevertheless, using the entirety of the wing's internal volume for fuel tankage, it could house a maximum of 460 kg (640 lt) of gasoline, providing it with a 900–1,100 km endurance, far in excess of its contemporary rivals built by Macchi and Fiat. The Hungarians downed four LaGGs, suffering the loss of the Re.2000 of Lt Takács, who crash-landed behind his own lines, wounded. [6] The majority of the aircraft's exterior, including the tail, was metal-skinned; however, the control surfaces had fabric coverings. [6] The atypical fairing covered the landing gear's actuation mechanism, while the legs incorporated hydraulic shock absorbers and drag struts to effectively absorb loads; pneumatic brakes were also fitted. Ab 1964 war er für die Soprintendenza der Abruzzen, ab 1971 in leitender Funktion für die … The Reggiane Re.2000 Falco I was an Italian all metal, low-wing monoplane developed and manufactured by aircraft company Reggiane. Tutti i giocatori della rosa e numero di maglia. Reportedly, by August 1941, only nine examples had been delivered to the newly formed 377a Squadron. [6], On 24 May 1939, the prototype Re 2000 conducted its maiden flight at Reggio Emilia, Emilia-Romagna, Italy, flown by Mario De Bernardi. Accordingly, the Re.2000 was much more prominently used by the Hungarian and Swedish air forces than by the Regia Aeronautica at home. Nachdem Adriano La Regina 1955 die Reading High School in Reading, Massachusetts absolviert hatte, legte er sein Abitur 1956 in Rom ab. [28] In the summer of 1942, Hungarian Air Force contributed with its 1st Repülőcsoport (aviation detachment) to the German offensive Fall Blau. A Perugia: diluvio e Calori-gol. The tail wheel was both retractable and steerable. fra218. Overall, the design possessed greater aerodynamic sophistication in comparison to other Italian rivals such as the Fiat G.50 and Macchi C.200. [25] Conflict was avoided and the Hungarian Reggianes were used on the Eastern Front, in the war against the Soviet Union. The type was used by the Regia Aeronautica and the Swedish Air Force during the first part of the Second World War. [11] The Re.2000 was furnished with retractable landing gear; the main gear retracted via the Curtiss method, the wheels rotating around to face flat within the wheel wells when retracted. The two left at La Spezia were demolished after September 1943 (they served with 1a Squadriglia). The Regia Marina (Italian Navy), however, experimented with a carrier version (Serie II) which was successfully launched by catapult. [3] The Re.2000 served as the starting point for several derivatives, including the MÁVAG Héja, Reggiane Re.2001, Re.2002, Re.2003, Re.2004, Re.2005, Re.2006 and Re.2007 combat aircraft. [10] However, the Re.2000GA was not ready to enter operational service until after the Armistice of Cassibile, Italy's surrender to the Allied Powers, had already come into effect. The Hungarians reported 11 aerial victories, of which six were confirmed, while USAAF pilots claimed 27 MKHL aircraft shot down. Diese Seite enthält eine komplette Übersicht aller absolvierten und bereits terminierten Spiele sowie die Saisonbilanz des Vereins Reggina 1914 in der Saison Gesamtstatistik aktuelle Saison. La stagione successiva gli amaranto sfiorano la Serie A, perdendola per un solo punto all'ultima giornata e chiudendo quarti in classifica. or. – Art. The 'State-of-the-Art' Reggiane". The last sortie for the licence-built Reggiane Re.2000 occurred on 2 April 1944. The season also saw the definite breakthroughs of Roberto Baronio, Andrea Pirlo and Mohamed Kallon, leading to all three players joining larger clubs in the summer. Reggina vs Monopoli ©Photographer: Lillo D'Ascola. Contact Reggina Streaming on Messenger. "J 20 - Reggiane Re 2000 Falco 1 (1941–1945). Reggina 1914, bis 2015 als Reggina Calcio bekannt, ist ein italienischer Fußballverein der Stadt Reggio Calabria. Other countries had also exhibited interest in the aircraft, but ultimately did not place orders for the type. After a steel plate was added behind the cockpit for the protection of the pilots, the shift in the aircraft's center of gravity led to more frequent accidents. Leben und Wirken. Later it was renamed 377a Squadriglia Autonoma Caccia Terrestre, and received nine further Serie III Re.2000bis; 12 of the 26 Reggianes were later converted to GA standard. This is the MM.8287. All the 24 Re.2000s had suffered accidents (minor and major) within a month of combat deployment. The Hungarian fighter control centre in the Gellért hill, near Budapest, scrambled one wing of Héjas from 1/1 Fighter squadron, along with 12 Bf 109G-4/G-6S and a couple of Messerschmitt Me 210Cas-1s from the Experimental Air Force Institute (RK1). [37], By April 1944, the MKHL still deployed four Héja IIs in 1/1 Fighter squadron and four Hejas II in 1/2, all of them based in Szolnok for home defence duties, along with about 40 Bf 109s and Messerschmitt Me 210s. Between 16 and 19 January, with the Red Army rapidly approaching Ilovskoje airfield, and with no time to heat the Piaggio engine's frozen oil, mechanics were forced to blow up the last unserviceable Hejas. However, later records showed only two Honvéd pilots were killed. Winch Drives Brochure. [2] In mock dogfights, it could successfully fight not only the slower Fiat CR 42 biplane,[8] but even the more modern Macchi C 200 and the German Messerschmitt Bf 109E fighters. [23] They were mainly used to intercept Axis and Allied bombers that violated Swedish airspace. Only minor modifications were required after the successful completion of the initial factory flight test programme; these including changes to the exhaust, the lengthening of the carburetor air intake, and the replacement of the round windshield with a framed counterpart. The Reggiane Re.2000 is an Italian all metal, low-wing monoplane fighter aircraft. The Re.2000 was much more prone to handling difficulties, especially stalls and spins, as well as reliability issues. [34], The surviving Reggianes were kept in Hungary for home defence. [6], However, according to Cattaneo, the Re.2000 was afflicted by a major handicap in the form of the unavailability of reliable in-line engines of sufficient power; as such, the RE.2000 was able to represent only a limited advance over the Macchi C.200. Squad Reggina 1914 This page displays a detailed overview of the club's current squad. The climb to 6,000 m was 7,75 min (vs 6,5-7 min), apparently there was not much difference in ceiling 10,000–11,100 m and endurance, range was 450 km, endurance 1,000 km (at 460 km/h), up to km 1,290 (at m 6,000, full loaded, km/h 430). [1] Flight testing of the prototype revealed it to be able to outfight several significant combat aircraft of the time, including even the more modern Macchi C 200 and the German Messerschmitt Bf 109E fighters. [31] The Hungarian Reggianes flew their last sorties on the Soviet front on 14 and 15 January 1943, when they took off for uneventful patrols and reconnaissance missions. The task of 2/1 was to escort short-range reconnaissance aircraft, while 1/1 would support bombing missions. Taylor, John W. R. "Reggiane Re.2000 Falco I (Falcon)". German leaders were reluctant to supply the Royal Hungarian Air Force (Magyar Királyi Honvéd Légierő), MKHL, which was seen to be focused on home defence and the possibility of conflict with neighbouring Romania. The II series was the same aircraft with a different engine and Hungarian machine guns. [36] Hungary requested that an additional 50–100 Re.2000 airframes be manufactured in Italy, as suitable engines and armament could be locally manufactured; additionally, other countries expressed interest, including Finland (100 examples), Portugal (50), Spain, Switzerland and Yugoslavia. The squadron disbanded in April 1943 and was replaced by the 1° Gr. The negative conclusions of the technical report directly led to an initial order for 12 pre-production aircraft, which had been drafted towards the latter half of the flight test programme, to be cancelled, along with the instruction to proceed given to Reggiane to prepare the tooling necessary for a wider production run of 188 aircraft. [9] While some consideration was made at Reggiane towards the adoption of a more conventional three-spar wing with normal fuel tanks instead, only a prototype conforming to this configuration was authorised (this subsequently became the basis for the Reggiane Re.2002 ground attack aircraft).[10]. The Re.2000 were assigned to Squadriglia di Riserva Aerea delle FF.NN.BB. Date Match Score W/L/D; December 17, 2011 Reggina-Sassuolo Draw December 10, 2011 Cittadella-Reggina Win November 2, 2009 Team One 2 Team Five 5 (air reserve squadron for naval battleships), led by Captain Donato Tondi. Weights were 2,120–2,870 or, probably with the complete kit, 2,200–2,970 kg; the engine was the P.XIbis, that had 1,000 hp (750 kW) both at take-off and at 4,000 meters. Marine Brochure . [4] The design team took inspiration from the contemporary American fighter Seversky P-35, which Re.2000 would superficially resemble; according to aviation author Gianni Cattaneo, the design "displayed evidence of fairly strong American influence...certain structural characteristics were strongly reminiscent of the American school, particularly of the Seversky P-35". It holds the distinction of being the first aircraft to be designed by Reggiane to employ aluminum stressed skin construction, as opposed to the wooden or mixed wood and metal structures that had been traditionally used in contemporary Italian aircraft such as the Savoia-Marchetti SM.79 (which had been previously produced by Reggiane under license). Am 13. This page was last edited on 26 December 2020, at 17:56. 1/1 Fighter Group (1./I Vadász Osztály) equipped with 13 Re.2000s or Héjas,[29] reached its first front base near Kursk on 2 July. The stressed skin fuselage was highly streamlined, save for the protrusions of the hard-rivetted finish. Informazioni su nazionalità e data di nascita Nachdem Adriano La Regina 1955 die Reading High School in Reading, Massachusetts absolviert hatte, legte er sein Abitur 1956 in Rom ab. Reggina » Formazioni Serie A 2000/2001 elencati per Formazione iniziale. Tensione davanti alla tv, poi l'urlo laziale. In a much publicized mishap, 1/Lt István Horthy (the son of the Hungarian regent Miklós Horthy), serving as a fighter pilot with the Hungarian Second Army died flying a Re.2000 V-421 with 1/3 Fighter Squadron on 20 (on 18, according to other authors[31]) August 1942, on his 25th operational sortie. If I am going to give some aircraft, then rather to the Croats, who have proved they have an offensive spirit. Page Transparency See More. L’Anno del Giubileo 2000 rimarrà nella mente di ogni tifoso biancoceleste della Lazio come la data storica che unisce la Religione ed il calcio, spesso confusi e forse, alcune volte, nemmeno così distanti. Squad of Reggina 1914 Filter by season 20/21 19/20 18/19 17/18 16/17 15/16 14/15 13/14 12/13 11/12 10/11 09/10 08/09 07/08 06/07 05/06 04/05 03/04 02/03 01/02 00/01 99/00 98/99 97/98 96/97 95/96 94/95 93/94 92/93 91/92 90/91 89/90 88/89 87/88 86/87 85/86 84/85 83/84 82/83 81/82 80/81 79/80 78/79 77/78 76/77 75/76 74/75 73/74 72/73 71/72 70/71 69/70 68/69 67/68 66/67 65/66 58/59 Overall, their service was not remarkable: there was at least one sudden fatal flat spin, while another Re.2000 had fatal engine damage (a piston was literally driven through the cylinder) and crash-landed, overturning, catching fire and almost killing its pilot (rescued by the ground crew). One Re.2000 was launched from Vittorio Veneto to catch the intruders, but failed and finally crashed while landing near Ajaccio airfield. Reggina live score (and video online live stream*), team roster with season schedule and results. There was another navalized Re.2000, the MM.471. [4] The Re.2000 was powered by a single Piaggio P.XI RC 40 radial engine, which was capable of generating a maximum of 986 hp (735 kW) of thrust; this drove a Piaggio-built three-blade constant speed variable-pitch propeller. Wheel gears general catalogue (RRTD - RRWD) Negative brakes catalogue.

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