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After the opening artillery bombardment, soldiers from the 1st Free French Brigade, 1st Greek Brigade, plus armor and infantry from the 7th Armored Division, slammed into the Folgore’s positions in an attempt to overwhelm its defenders and break into the rear of the Axis line. Also to Dennis Hussey for his suggestions and in helping to edit the article. Additionally the following soldiers of the division were awarded a Gold Medal of Military Valor during the Western Desert Campaign: On 25 September 1944 the Italian Co-Belligerent Army raised the Combat Group "Folgore" with soldiers and materiel from the disbanded 184th Paratroopers Division "Nembo". On 27 July 1942 the division's name was changed to 185th Infantry Division "Folgore" and its regiments were renumbered and renamed as well. Soon this reputation would be put to the test, as Montgomery’s southpaw hook delivered during the opening phase of Second Alamein headed towards the 14k stretch of line manned by the Folgore. La Battaglia di El Alamein (196.9) The Battle of El Alamein part 2/2. HQ Company While on the defensive, it was assaulted by the British 131. At the beginning of September the division deployed in the southern sector of the El Alamein line as part of the X Corps (together with the 17th Infantry division “Pavia”) and reorganized as follows : “Ruspoli” Tactical Group  (7th and 8th Battalions) The strength of the book is the personal accounts, the discussion of the training, and the quoting of doctrinal manuals. 20th Supply section Intervista al sottotenente Renato Migliavacca, 185° Reggimento Artiglieria Folgore. The Macchi MC.202 Folgore or "Thunder bolt" was a single seat fighter that was used by Italy during World War II. To avoid confusion, the battalion-sized artillery units have been called “battalion,” and the composite group as “group.”. There is also a nearby chapel. As was heavier firepower in the form of attached Italian 75mm and 88mm guns. Dio degli Eserciti, By the eve of Second El Alamein, Rommel had already shot his bolt over the previous months of battle, and his materiel and fuel-starved army had gone as far as they would, or realistically could, in the Desert War. On 23 October 1942, Montgomery began his much anticipated Allied offensive. [2], After quarrels,[2] in 1937 paratroopers schools were assigned by law to the Regia Aeronautica. Report. The 8th formed its position just south of El Alamein, and it would be here that they would face Rommel’s weakened, but still dangerous force, in the next round of their epic encounter. Sort by: Traveler Ranked. Istituto Luce - Cinegiornali di guerra 17 - La Battaglia Di El Alamein E Stalingrado (Sett-Ott1942) Sergio Porcarelli. 23rd “ Guastatori” Parachutist Company 5th Parachutists Artillery Battery (47/32 mod.35) Operation Lightfoot launched on 24 October 1942, was designed to break through The weak Italian-held southern sector of the Alamein line where the Bologna, Brescia, Pavia and FolgoreDivisions anchored the right flank. essi additano agli italiani, nella buona e nell’avversa fortuna, Their ability to bring down accurate and often deadly fire to separate enemy armor from their infantry support made their role indispensable. El Alamein was a battle that was lost with great honour, facing up to overwhelmingly superior fire power with poor weapons but with great spirit and … Italian War Memorial El Alamein is like the Commonwealth Cemetery. He wanted nothing of material value to fall into the enemy’s hands. Accept Read More, Italian Folgore at El Alamein: Unbreakable, Rommel’s Desert War: Waging World War II in North Africa, 1941-1943 (Cambridge Military Histories), Iron Hulls Iron Hearts: Mussolini’s Elite Armoured Divisions in North Africa, The Path to Victory: The Mediterranean Theater in World War II, Pendulum of War: Three Battles at El Alamein, The Battle of Alamein: Turning Point, World War II, Italian Armor in German Service during WW2, Operation Vigorous and Operation Harpoon (1942). In the following days between 25 October and 4 November, the 50th, 7th, 44th divisions, 1st and 2nd Free French and the Royal Hellenic Brigades, supported by artillery and armour, failed to break through in the southern sector. The 185th artillery found itself dispersed among all the Tactical Groups. British armored car squadrons continued to attack the retreating soldiers, whose exhaustion from lack of food, water, and the strain of battle increased by the hour. The 8th “Guastatori” Parachutist Battalion was an infantry “Guastatori” unit. Italy. The defender’s expert use of their anti-tank guns helped in part to once again halt the Allied advance. [8], On 15 September the 185th Infantry Regiment "Folgore", which had remained in Italy, left the division and changed its name to 185th Infantry Regiment "Nembo" and became the basis for the 184th Infantry Division "Nembo" (Nemo Italian for Nimbus). Clifton, commander of the New Zealand 6th Brigade. 1st Battalion/21th Artillery Regiment “Po” (100/17 mod.16 – from the “Trieste” Division) During the latter division put up a fierce defense against attacking Commonwealth forces, managing to drive repeated attacks conducted by tanks and infantry. The British could not break through as planned. In a preview of what would come to pass at Second El Alamein, the soldiers of the 185th Folgore Division, particularly members of the 9th Btn, delivered an impressive defensive victory, mauling the British in this encounter. The latter is marred by selective editing. USC Title 17. Military cemeteries Germany. Related Posts : army , division, folgore, italian, paratrooper, ramcke By Paulo Henriques em 10:34 PM. School Command (the Commander was a senior officer of the Air force, the Deputy Commander a senior officer of the Army); 1st Paratroopers Infantry Regiment (raised 1 April 1941), 2nd Paratroopers Infantry Regiment (raised 1 September 1941), VIII Paratroopers Battalion (re-roled as Paratroopers Sapper unit in May 1942), Division Headquarters and Headquarters Company, II Paratroopers Battalion (from 185th Infantry Regiment "Nembo"), IV Paratroopers Battalion (from 185th Infantry Regiment "Nembo"), I Paratroopers Artillery Group (3x batteries with, III Paratroopers Artillery Group (3x batteries with 47/32 cannons), 7th Paratroopers Artillery Battery (47/32 cannons), 20th Mortar Company (81mm Model 35 mortars and M28 Mortars), 185th Mining and Explosives Engineers Company, Corporal Major Antonio ANDRIOLO, 186th Paratroopers Regiment, October 23 – November 4, 1942, First Lieutenant Roberto BANDINI, 186th Paratroopers Regiment, October 23–25, 1942, First Lieutenant Ferruccio BRANDI, 187th Paratroopers Regiment, October 24, 1942, Second Lieutenant Pietro BRUNO 132d Transport Regiment, Private Giuseppe CAPPELLETTO, 186th Paratroopers Regiment, October 23–25, 1942, Private Giacomo CESARONI, 187th Paratroopers Regiment, October 29, 1942, Private Leandro FRANCHI, 186th Paratroopers Regiment, November 1942, Second Lieutenant Giovanni GAMBAUDO, 186th Paratroopers Regiment, October 23–24, 1942, First Lieutenant Marco GOLA, 186th Paratroopers Regiment, October 23–24, 1942, Private Gerardo LUSTRISSIMI, 186th Paratroopers Regiment, October 23–25, 1942, Sergeant Major Dario PIRLONE, 185th Artillery Regiment, October 24, 1942, Sergeant Nicola PISTILLO, 186th Paratroopers Regiment, October 23–25, 1942, Corporal Major Dario PONZECCHI, 185th Paratroopers Regiment, October 26, 1942, Captain Costantino RUSPOLI, Prince of Poggio Suasa, 187th Paratroopers Regiment, October 26–27, 1942, Captain Gastone SIMONI, 187th Paratroopers Regiment, October 23–27, 1942, Sergeant Major Mario GIARETTO, 186th Paratroopers Regiment, August 8, 1942, Second Lieutenant Omero LUCCHI, Folgore Division Artillery, August 31 – September 4, 1942, Sapper Clinio MISSERVILLE, 185th Assault Sapper Company, September 10, 1942, Major Aurelio ROSSI, 187th Paratroopers Regiment, August 20 – September 3, 1942, Captain Fabio RUGIADI, 187th Paratroopers Regiment, August 30, 1942, Lieutenant Colonel Carlo Marescotti RUSPOLI, Prince of Poggio Suasa, 186th Paratroopers Regiment, First Lieutenant Giovanni STARACE, Folgore Division, July - November, 1942, Second Lieutenant Giovanni STASSI, 186th Paratroopers Regiment, August 25 – September 2, 1942, This page was last edited on 2 January 2021, at 08:09. Colonel Camosso ordered his surrounded soldiers to destroy their weapons before the surrender. Inscribed on the walls of the Italian Memorial at El Alamein are the words below. Regimental Command and HQ Company Operations against the Italians temporarily halted. 2nd Parachutists Artillery Battery (47/32 mod.35), 2nd Parachutist Artillery Battalion, with : HQ Company 30th Parachutists Rifle Company, 187th Parachutist Infantry Regiment, with: HQ Battery They were now nearly surrounded by British armor and ground forces. 3rd Battalion/1st “Celere” Artillery Regiment (75/27 mod.06 – from the “Brescia” Division) The attack on Malta was canceled once Hitler persuaded Mussolini to give his blessing in favor of allowing Rommel the chance to continue his advance. On 7 November, the commander of the British 44th Infantry Division, General Hughes, made an effort to meet with the Folgore’s commander, General Frattini. “One hundred Folgore parachutists” – The cost in blood at El Alamein was steep for the Folgore. El Alamein Battlefield. The men could hold out no longer. On Amazon: The Path to Victory: The Mediterranean Theater in World War II HQ Company As the Folgore fell back from their lines, they pulled their artillery by hand through the sand. Women's El Alamein battle folgore bersaglieri italian ww2 1942 T-Shi XL Olive: Clothing & Accessories Comando Supremo is an Amazon Associate and earns from qualifying purchases. He ordered a meaningless retreat that pulled back his defenders from their entrenchments and defensive lines and denied them their artillery support. 26th Parachutists Rifle Company Special thanks to Arturo Filippo Lorioli for providing both historical information and content, not to mention the finely constructed OOB. Visitors can also go to the Italian and German military cemeteries on Tel el-Eisa Hill outside the town. Egitto, 23 ottobre - 5 novembre 1942. The focus then shifts upon the Folgore’s major engagement of the campaign during the Battle of El Alamein: 'Operation Lightfoot', which was launched by General Montgomery on 24 October 1942. The British military leadership reluctantly conceded that although they held a numerical superiority in almost every category over their adversary, they could not defeat the Folgore in this sector with the forces they had so far employed. Officially renamed under the cover name of 185th “Cacciatori d’Africa” Infantry Division, although reports and dispatches continued to refer to them as 185th “Folgore” Parachutist Brigade, this “Division” would prove it’s worth to the Axis cause many times over. 22nd “ Guastatori” Parachutist Company With the British Desert Air Force pounding his troops from above and his supply situation critical, Rommel called for a general retreat to prepare his defensive line for the inevitable British counter. Caduti per un’idea, senza rimpianto, onorati nel ricordo dello stesso nemico, Browse more videos. The others were killed or captured during battle or in retreat. Magg. The history of the 185th Division "Folgore" spans from late 1930s, when its immediate ancestors were established, to 1945, when its immediate successor was disbanded. Additionally a seventh battery was formed with surplus materiel found by the division during its transfer to the front. The “Carabinieri” is the Italian Military Police Corps. The fighting raged into the early morning of 24 October 1942 as each side fought hard in this ferocious encounter. 185th Signal Engineers Company 185th Transports unit Learn More . Italian paratroopers. Reports state the Folgore destroyed nearly 30 British tanks on the 25th alone. 27th Parachutists Rifle Company, 10th Parachutist Infantry Battalion, with: The Italian Folgore would hold its ground and proved victorious, with the attackers only able to gain a minimal amount of ground. MccloudUstp2485. The 88s (and the similar 90/53) did not belong to any specific group but used as mobile assets dispersed to the various groups during different phases of the battle. After the war the combat group became the Mechanized Division "Folgore", which was disbanded on 31 October 1986. With Fausto Tozzi, Rossana Rory, Gabriele Tinti, Matteo Spinola. The regiment took command of the three paratroopers artillery groups, which each fielded two batteries with four 47/32 cannons per battery. My Father served in the Pacific with 710 Tank BTL at Anguar, Peleliu, and the Philippines. We found 3 results for you in El Alamein Clear all filters. I also wish to tell you that, during my long life as a soldier, I’ve never met such valiant men as the Folgore’s paratroopers. Directed by Guido Malatesta. This time they were opposed by the British 131st Infantry Brigade, which boasted heavy artillery and a contingent of tanks supplied by the Scots Greys, attached to them to provide support against the Folgore. HQ Company I feel that the battle accounts are similar to the ones in Montanari’s The Three Battle of Alamein. [4] The Division held back countless attacks from tanks with use of homemade incendiary's to usage of hand grenades and firing of the M28 grenade launchers at tanks. 6th Parachutists Artillery Battery (47/32 mod.35). Italian troops overwhelmed Montgomery’s forces once again. 25. The first Italian paratrooper units were trained and formed shortly before World War II in Castel Benito, near Tripoli in Libya, where the first Military Parachuting School was located. The placement of the Folgore along the line at Second Alamein consisted of three main sectors; north, central and south. History of the Second World War; United Kingdom Military Series. da Campo 25/05/1944 ANDREATTA IVO Cap. HQ Company It was accomplished by Italian defenders who were ‘lightly’ armed, but still managed to demolish almost everything thrown at its ranks, including the massive Grant tanks. It would be under the immense historical spotlight of this significant encounter that Italian forces would deliver one of the most epic performances of the entire conflict. Provisional Battalion/ 155th Artillery Regiment (8,8cm Flak 37, 10cm K18 and 21cm K38 – from the Geman 21st Panzerdivision). The divisional artillery disbanded the 2nd Battalion and split among the Tactical Groups, together with the other divisional assets. Dedicato all'amico Luca A. Documentario con le testimonianze dei soldati italiani reduci dalla battaglia di El Alamein. “Camosso” Tactical Group (9th and 10th Battalions) By the end of September, the Folgore found themselves locked in battle contested in the Egyptian desert’s blowing sands. He felt both angry and embarrassed at being captured by Italians. pub. 139 reviews #1 of 3 Sights & Landmarks in El Alamein "The cemetary is quite well kept, even though its in the middle of sandy desert, with a bit of greenery in between the graves." Probably ???? Fallen for an ideal, without regrets, honored even in the memories of their enemies, [12] On 6 November, after having exhausted all its ammunition, the remainder of the Division surrendered. La Battaglia di El Alamein (196.9) The Battle of El Alamein part 1/2. Queen's Infantry Brigade, 44. They joined the newly formed 285th Parachutist Battalion Folgore and continued the struggle for their beloved Italy. Historians differ on the merit of this decision. They not only best the opposition solely by their courage, but they often out-fought them through superior military aptitude.

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