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He accordingly suppresses the dark passages of David's life, e. g. the murder of Uriah (1 Chronicles 21:1). David es originario de la biblia del Rey David de Israel, lo que hace que su nombre sea importante para su carácter y personalidad. ( 1 Chronicles 12:39 ) One of Davids first acts after becoming king was to secure Jerusalem, which he seized from the Jebusites and fixed the royal residence there. As to his personal appearance, we only know that he was red-haired, with beautiful eyes and a fair face ( 1 Samuel 16:12 ; 17:42 ). A cloudy evening. "I am the Resurrection and the Life" (14:6). Los libros de Abramos la Biblia reúnen las perspectivas de toda una vida de David Pawson, un escritor y orador internacional ampliamente respetado, del significado de los sucesos y la enseñanza de la Biblia. It has been noted as characteristic of the Bible that while his military triumphs are recorded in a few verses, the sad story of his fall is given in detail, a story full of warning, and therefore recorded. Yet when coupled with the Chronicler's emphasis on God's promise to David of an enduring dynasty ( 1 Chron 17:11-14 ; 2 Chronicles 13:5 2 Chronicles 13:8 ; 21:7 ; 23:3 ), the Chronicler's treatment of David and Solomon reflects a "messianic historiography." Here the following points are to be noted: David belonged to the tribe of Judah: his ancestor Nahshon was chieftain of the whole tribe (Numbers 1:7; 2:3; 1 Chronicles 2:10) and brother-in-law of Aaron the high priest (Exodus 6:23). His impact on the history of Israel is seen from the extensive interest in him and his successors as reflected in the Deuteronomic history, the prophets, the Chronicler's history, the psalms, and the New Testament. Her first-born son died, according to the word of the prophet. Peace was now restored, and David returned to Jerusalem and resumed the direction of affairs. Not feeling safe here he left and took up his abode in the cave of Adullam (1 Samuel 22:1) in the country of Judah, almost within sight of his native Bethlehem. Deprived of his chief support Esh-baal also fell a victim to assassination (2 Samuel 4:2). Like most Semites he was fond of gambling and liked to take risks (18:26; compare 23:9; 30:7), even when modesty would have led him to decline them (17:32; compare Judges 8:20). The books from Joshua through Kings are often called the Deuteronomic … In the Books of Samuel, David is a young shepherd who gains fame first as a musician and later by killing the enemy champion Goliath. The kohen (priest) was, as the name indicates, a soothsayer or diviner. In chapter 16, David is engaged to play before Saul in order to dispel is melancholy, and becomes his squire or armor-bearer (16:21), whereas in the following chapter he is unknown to Saul, who, after the death of Goliath, asks Abner who he is, and Abner replies that he does not know (17:55). God, however, sent Nathan to him with a gracious message ( 2 Samuel 7:1-16 ). beloved, the eighth and youngest son of Jesse, a citizen of Bethlehem. The claim of Adonijah to the throne is supported by Joab and Abiathar (1 Kings 1:7), as against that of Solomon who is backed by Nathan, Benaiah, Zadok (1 Kings 1:8) and Hushai (compare Ant, VII, xiv, 4). El web "Estudiar la Biblia" proporciona una gran cantidad de recursos cristianos: estudios bíblicos, testimonios cristianos, vídeos evangélicos, etc. ¿Cuál es la definición de David? David now ( 1 Chronicles 16 ) carefully set in order all the ritual of divine worship at Jerusalem, along with Abiathar the high priest. It was only after the death of Saul that his brother Joab threw in his lot with David. Each of these is referred to some incident recorded in the books of Samuel, although sometimes the citation is erroneous (see PSALMS). After two years Absalom terribly avenged the crime against Tamar, and put Amnon to death. This was greatly to David's regret. Rebellion of Absalom. He secures an important ally in Abiathar, ( 1 Samuel 23:6 ) his band of 400 at Adullam soon increased to 600, ( 1 Samuel 23:13 ) he is hunted by Saul from place to place like a partridge. His wonderful foresight is shown in such acts as his conciliating the Judean chiefs with gifts taken from his spoil (1 Samuel 30:26), in his commendation of the men of Ja-besh-gilead (2 Samuel 2:5-7), and in his reception of Abner (2 Samuel 3:20). The books from Joshua through Kings are often called the Deuteronomic history (DH) because the authors/compilers of these books used provisions and emphases unique to Deuteronomy in order to evaluate the history of Israel. The conduct of David in his relations with the Philistines was not more reprehensible than that of the Cid who allied himself with Al-Mu'taman of Saragossa, or of Coriolanus who went over to the Volsci. David's chief weakness in regard to his family was his indulgence of some of his sons and favoring some above others, and want of firmness in regard to them. A person is to be judged by his motives rather than by his actions, and one's true motives are unknown even to oneself (Jeremiah 17:9). Shammah the Harodite was the son of Elika (2 Samuel 23:25; compare 1 Chronicles 11:27), and other names in this list have to be corrected after the readings of the Chronicler. Taught, perhaps, by one of these, but certainly by dint of constant practice, David acquired an accuracy of aim which reminds one of the tales of William Tell or Robin Hood (1 Samuel 17:49). The most formidable enemy, the Philistines, were worsted in several campaigns, and their power crippled (2 Samuel 5:17; 8:1). Having obtained it of Ahimelech, he for the first time left Israelite territory and went to the Philistine city of Gath (1 Samuel 21:10). With the passing of time he becomes the Hebrew Orpheus, in whose music birds and mountains joined (compare Koran, chapter 21 ). [43], In the Quran, Adam is given the name by God known as the (Adam-I-Safi) or The Chosen One. David discharged, as most Orientals do, his duty toward his parents (1 Samuel 22:3). A tent was pitched for it, in which it remained (7:2), except when it was sent with the army to the seat of war (11:11; 15:24). Among the persons who discharged this duty for David were Gad the seer (1 Samuel 22:5) and Nathan the prophet (1 Kings 1:11). Ziba accuses Merib-baal of treachery, and Merib-baal accuses Ziba of falsehood, and David cannot tell which is speaking the truth (2 Samuel 16:1; 19:24). Such adventures, however, must have been rare, and David must often have watched eagerly the lengthening of the shadow which told of the approach of sunset, when he could drive his charge into the zariba for the night and return home. The messiah as a figure is integrally involved in Israel's unique understanding of her place in history: their awareness from the beginning that God had chosen them to bring blessing to the nations. He bitterly bewailed his sins before God. The incidents of which he boasted to Saul would not have occurred, had his proper occupation taken up all his thoughts; but, like King Alfred, his head seems to have been filled with ideas far removed from his humble task. Thus began the cleavage between Judah and Israel. Here David lived among his followers for some time as an independent chief engaged in frequent war with the Amalekites and other tribes on the south of Judah. The narratives about David also abound in irony. David now turned his attention to the surrounding tribes and peoples. Significado de David | Significado de los nombres - Duration: 1:42. Ciudad de david - Diccionario Mundo Hispano . Jonathan bore no grudge against David for aiming at the throne, because to the throne he was destined by the will of Yahweh. His eldest son Amnon, whose mother was Ahinoam of Jezreel, was guilty of a great and shameful crime ( 2 Samuel 13 ). For usage information, please read the Baker Book House Copyright Statement. The event gained for David the reputation won in modern times at the cannon's mouth, but also the devoted friendship of Jonathan and the enmity of Saul (1 Samuel 18:1-9). "Entry for 'DAVID'". Of these the first (the three-years famine) introduces us to the last notices of Davids relations with the house of Saul, already referred to. The ceremony was conducted with military honors in 2 Samuel 6:1 and with religious dancing and music (6:5,14) and festivity (6:18,19). The accounts are overlaid with themes of sexuality and political intrigue. The personal respect for David was sadly lowered by the incident of Bathsheba. His kingdom is peaceful, prosperous, everlasting, and faithful to the Lord. David's father, not only cultivated his ancestral fields, but kept flocks of sheep and goats as well. He mourned for the death of Abner. He was the bosom friend of a prince whom he proposed to supplant in his inheritance. David, therefore, had a free hand when his time came and found no more formidable opposition than that of the petty states bordering upon Palestine. David was closely connected with the tribe of Moab, the mother of his grandfather Obed being Ru the Moabitess. We accordingly find him first at Nob ( 21:1-9 ) and then at Gath, the chief city of the Philistines. He returned home from pursuing him, and David betook himself to Maon, where, with his 600 men, he maintained himself by contributions gathered from the district. When David had secured the fortress of Jebus for his metropolis one of his first thoughts was to bring into it this emblem of victory. A hereditary monarchy did not yet exist in Israel. A LIVE DO BOM HUMOR | CLAUDIO DUARTE E NERSO DA CAPITINGA 2020 - … He felt a peculiar satisfaction in being undeservedly cursed by Shimei, from a conviction that poetic justice would in the end prevail (2 Samuel 16:12). Chronicles is among the latest books of the Old Testament; it was written no earlier than the later decades of the fourth century b.c. On two occasions David had Saul in his power, but refused to seize the opportunity of taking his life (1 Samuel 24-26). David es muy amigable. There is no doubt whatever that the former books are much truer to fact, and any estimate or appreciation of David or of any of the other characters described must be based upon them. He at first found a home at the court of Achish, among the Philistines; but his stay was short. Perhaps nothing proves the genius of David better than his choice of Jebus as the capital of the country--which it still continues to be after a lapse of three thousand years. The next years of David's life were spent in the service of Saul in his wars with the Philistines. Jesus comes like David, as "the Lord's anointed.". ( 1 Samuel 21:13 ) His first retreat was the cave of Adullam. After the successful termination of all his wars, David formed the idea of building a temple for the ark of God. Se le da bien relajar el ambiente y resolver los problemas que puedan surgir con la mayor brevedad. Here in a short time 400 men gathered around him and acknowledged him as their leader. Bienvenido a leerlo y verlo. It resulted in the defeat of Abner. The account of David's relationship with Bathsheba not only prepares for the eventual accession of Solomon, but it also sets in motion a curse that will dog the remainder of David's life: death and sexual outrage will follow, and "the sword will never depart from [his] house" ( 2 Sam 12:10 ). Zion became henceforth "God's holy hill.". In this he contrasts somewhat with Ahab (1 Kings 21:5). 2 Samuel 8:8 and 21:18, for Betah and Gob read Tebah (Tibhath) and Gezer (1 Chronicles 18:8; Genesis 22:24; 1 Chronicles 20:4). The earliest events in the career of David are involved in some obscurity. David king over Judah. It appears that David was the youngest son, probably the youngest child, of a family of ten, and was born in Bethlehem B.C. He had not only to keep a sharp lookout for thieves, but on more than one occasion had with no other weapon than his shepherd's club or staff to rescue a lamb from the clutches of a lion or a bear (1 Samuel 17:34). Among all who appeared before him he failed to discover the one he sought. This brought sore trouble to David's heart. David in the New Testament. The central demand of life in covenant with God, both from the mouth of Moses and Jesus, was to love him with the whole heart ( Deut 6:5 ; Mark 12:30 ). The rebellion of Absalom was probably due to the fact of Solomon having been designated David's successor (compare 12:24; 1 Chronicles 22:9), for Absalom had the best claim, Amnon being dead and Chileab apparently of no account. All classes had unbounded confidence in his personal courage and soldierly qualities (2 Samuel 18:3), and were themselves driven to restrain his military ardor (2 Samuel 21:17). As contrasted with the poets of these tribes he could boast in his verses only of Ibzan who belonged to his own town of Bethlehem (Judges 12:8). David's relation to Saul did not mitigate the hatred of the latter; indeed his enmity became so bitter that David determined upon flight. ( Genesis 15:18-21 ) During the succeeding ten years the nations bordering on his kingdom caused David more or less trouble, but during this time he reduced to a state of permanent subjection the Philistines on the west, ( 2 Samuel 8:1 ) the Moabites on the east, ( 2 Samuel 8:2 ) by the exploits of Benaiah, ( 2 Samuel 23:20 ) the Syrians on the northeast as far as the Euphrates, ( 2 Samuel 8:3 ) the Edomites, ( 2 Samuel 8:14 ) on the south; and finally the Ammonites, who had broken their ancient alliance, and made one grand resistance to the advance of his empire. The facts seem to have been somewhat as follows: It had become evident that Saul was not equal to the task to which he had been set--the task of breaking the Philistine power, and it became the duty of Samuel, as the vicar of Yahweh and as still holding very large powers, to look about for a successor.

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